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We specialize in flood insurance 

  • Does your Home Insurance have a wind deductible?
  • Are you in The Fair Plan/Mass Property?
  • Are you getting insurance quotes that are off the charts!


There is an alternative – Private Market Flood! We represent several carriers that write flood insurance outside of the federally backed NFIP program. We have seen tremendous savings 25-50% or more. We recently saved a client $6,500 on their flood insurance! It is the same coverage, same policy, same underwriting – just a whole lot less. And yes… all banks accept Private Market Flood.

If you are in flood zone VE, (right on the beach) we can usually save you up to 25%. If you are in a flood zone “AE”, we can save you up to 50% or MORE! We don’t even require that you have an Elevation Certificate. Although if your home is elevated, an elevation certificate can help.