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What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance can help protect your home against the damage caused by flooding, this is optional insurance. Just because you don't live along the coast or near a river doesn't mean you don't need flood insurance. Areas considered at lower risk can also be vulnerable to flooding. Conditions like poor drainage systems, rapid accumulation of rainfall, snowmelt, and construction run-off can cause flooding. Even above ground pools from a neighbors yard that may split can cause an issue for your property.

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You’ll need flood insurance if:

  • You live in the Northeast, this part of the country which is a colder climate, the ground freezes and snow accumulates. That means the ground around your house thaws first. Melted snow can saturate the unfrozen ground next to your foundation or slab and then spill into your basement.
  • The area you’re living in is close to rivers and streams.  Rivers freeze and if the water level rises or a thaws it can crack the ice into large chunks, those large chunks of ice could end up creating a barrier wall of ice which results in the river or stream flooding over. If you live in the nearby area, you’ll need flood insurance to cover the damage your home may incur.
Don’t assume that damages like these won’t happen to your home. We see it in the news on a daily basis weather patterns are constantly changing and this can result in unexpected flooding.
Don't risk the loss of your property. Rest more easily knowing that you’re protected in the event of flooding – get a quote today.


  • We represent over a DOZEN carriers that write flood insurance outside of the federally backed NFIP program for a fraction of the cost. We have seen tremendous savings of 25-75% or more. It is the same coverage, same policy, same underwriting – just a whole lot less. And yes… most banks accept Private Market Flood.

There is an alternative – Private Market Flood!

We have a client whose flood insurance premium went up respectively since 2015: $4,003; $5,477; $7462 and to $10,258 this year! We wrote him a Private Market Flood Insurance policy for $3,102! THESE ARE LIFE-CHANGING SAVINGS!

If you are in flood zone VE, (right on the beach) we can usually save you up to 25-50%. If you are in a flood zone “AE”, we can save you up to 75% or MORE! We don’t even require that you have an Elevation Certificate. Although if your home is elevated, an elevation certificate can help in some cases.

All we need is your address to provide a quote! Give us a call today!

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