Private Market Flood Insurance Mattapoisett


Did you know there’s an alternative in Private Market Flood Insurance in Mattapoisett? Did you also know we represent several carriers that write flood insurance outside of the federally backed NFIP program? We do, and we have saved our clients a tremendous amount from 25-75% or more!

For example, we recently saved a client $6,500 on their flood insurance! It is the same coverage, same policy, same underwriting – just a whole lot less. And yes… all banks accept Private Market Flood, which is important.

Are in the flood zone VE, (right on the beach)? We can usually save you up to 50%. And if you are in a flood zone “AE”, we can save you up to 75% or MORE! We don’t even require that you have an Elevation Certificate, although if your home is elevated, an elevation certificate can help in some cases.

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